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Just a average Pokemon artist. Nothing special here. Oh, and a Touhou 'artist' that can't draw humanoids to save her life. Also, I like Undertale too.

Oh, and I hate Touhou and Undertale memes. Don't expect seeing those here. Same with fanon. I hate the fanons for both TBH. Sorry, but I have a specific taste of humor and these memes and "jokes" are not my thing. Call me a boring asshole, but that's just who I am to most.

This is just in case you wanna know..
Aromantic Asexual
Year of the Rabbit
..Also I'm female..
I'm just a crappy artist that enjoys video games. Don't expect anything good from me. Also, I can be snarky at times. If you think I'm being too rude, please alert me.

I like -mon stamp by SysirautaAnti Touhou Fantards Stamp by t-e-c-y-sflandre scarlet by touhoustampsLove Hong Meiling Stamp by Captain-ChompersSTAMP: Remilia Scarlet by mobbostampsIn Character by Cherry-samaHydreigon Family by Marlenesstamps234 - Stantler by PokeStampsDexcake just for me by DametoraPokemon Mystery Dungeon GTI : Hydreigon Stamp by KevfinSTAMP: Medicine Melancholy by mobbostamps#428 Lopunny by Otto-V432 - Purugly by MarlenesstampsMale Espeon. by Monster-BoarYeee it's an Undertale stamp by endlerBad apple stamp by Gunner-heartBlack Bow Stamp by dimupusGravity Falls by Re-thoHyenas Are Not Evil by MoonChildStampsDA Stamp - Way Too Serious 01 by tppgraphicsI know I'll get slaughtered for this by UnassumingLocalLadySatori Komeiji stamp by ZerebosI love Hyenas by WishmasterAlchemistHyena Love Stamp by smileystampsLeopard seals. by Monster-BoarI Heart Touhou Music Stamp by CyclopsHimeAudino Stamp by LudiculousPegasusI love Ibexes by WishmasterAlchemistThe Log-out Stamp by BusirisKyubey Support Stamp by BlushilyI support anime girls with short hair by bunnygirl867Animal Crossing Stamp by milkyribbonSTAMP: Yukari Yakumo by mobbostampsMadoka x Homura by RinachurStamp: Reimu Hakurei by Karitsuni:: 428 :: by flaiKi- Stamp: Pink Pokemon logo. - by ChicaTH234 - Stantler by MarlenesstampsOshawott Stamp by ecokitty323 - Camerupt by MarlenesstampsMale Lopunny. by Monster-BoarNumel stamp by Numbuh9Numel stamp by JontukkaIt's Not Cute. // Stamp by probablyuncomfortbleStop Abusing Sanae by Needlekirby364Rain Stamp by Stamp221Under-Rated Pokemon by Porygon-ZI support yandere by VAlZARDI support yangire by VAlZARDI support dandere by VAlZARDMayu Stamp by LemoniiLimeChii+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirlSelf-Insert Pairings by Mintaka-TKPurugly Fan by DeadCatStampsTouhou Project fan stamp by Tea-StrawberryRemilia x Sakuya stamp by Akanes-StampsI HRT Getting +Fav Bombed! by Drache-LehreNan Fan Stamp by tinystalkerAsexual with pervy mind - stamp by Angi-ShyStamp: Shipping real people crosses the line. by Catthylovei collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAIhorn love stamp by DelfimKikuo Stamp by WatsoniaYear of the Rabbit by QueenoftheStampedeI just don't care for Splatoon by EllyStampzIce Cream Stamp by The-FairywitchYay for real ponies by Nacht-Vico:Leafeon Support Stamp: by BlushilyKirby Stamp by TheEmptyCanvasGORE stamp by Cherry-PlasmaNow, Until the Moment You Die by Youkai-MinoriMarx Stamp 1 by CinsaTalXenoMakermurrica stamp by Daiyousei-ChanSTAMP: Tewi Inaba by mobbostampsHate Big Bang Theory STAMP by DobbysCookieSockStamp: Espurr! by TechEveFlareon Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps155 - Cyndaquil by Marlenesstampsit does not make you a cool kid by memedereAnti Self-Diagnosis Stamp by KittenDivinityI Don't Mind Profanity Stamp by Sugary-StardustI love Goats by WishmasterAlchemistI love Pygmy Goats by WishmasterAlchemistChirin stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersAbsol Stamp by DeruuyoI love Ungulates by WishmasterAlchemistI love Black Sheep by WishmasterAlchemistSupport Kawaii Chocolate Stamp by KawaiiUniverseStudioI love corn snakes by muddyputtyGoats. by Monster-BoarI love Albino Rabbits by WishmasterAlchemistDeers. by Monster-BoarHalestorm-Stamp by xBlazingStar94xDark Humor Stamp by Drake1Weird OCs stamp by MurphysLawlShiny Shedinja by MarlenesstampsAlways In My Face Stamp by AmethystKirbyStantler Stamp by LaArkaWeird pkmn stamp by eternalsaturnI Support Anthro Stamp by lenatheloserFurry stamp by golden-jackalWarning: Virgo's by Nana-BeatsHydreigon Stamp by Waffle217Anti Hydreigon x Sylveon by Luke-the-bearStamp: Arashi no Yoru ni by Harumi-ChanMadoka Magica Stamp by MeepNyanHomura Stamp by xSatoshian fyi by DametoraDA Stamp - Care About Both 01 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Ramble 01 by tppgraphics[SR] Tewi Inaba Stamp by WhiteShadow234Villains Stamp by Spikytastic'I don't draw fanart' Stamp by SpikytasticSocial Jehovahs Witnesses Are An Oxymoron by CraptrapWhy Your OC Sucks Stamp by SpikytasticSuck Up Stamp by SpikytasticIt comes from EVERYONE. by World-Hero21Anti-Misandry by Mintaka-TKMadoka Animated Stamp by Colhan3000. Sayaka x Kyouko STAMP . by HayleyKunTalk shit, get hit. by World-Hero21RQ: lolno by ChikitaWolfIT'S THEIR FAULT!1!!11 by ChikitaWolfYour assumptions vs reality by ChikitaWolfRead Artist Description (remade) by RebiValeskaHow far should 'tolerance' go? by RebiValeskaIntelligence For All Beings by RebiValeskaEoSD fan culture sucks by Nagae--IkuWho says you can't like both? by Mintaka-TKIt really is. by KylexLacyI like them biter by She-SharkDon't-treat-me-special by RebiValeskaDrama by RebiValeskaPopumorality ? by Deep-StrikeI love kawaii by prosaixProcrastination Stamp by jenepooh.:Disagreement:. by Mitochondria-RaineUT - Asriel Stamp by whitenoizeUT - Toriel Stamp by whitenoizeUT - Flowey Stamp by whitenoizeUT - Asriel Stamp 02 by whitenoize.:Nothing Else Can Compare:. by Mitochondria-RaineThere's nothing wrong about being a furry by SoraRoyals77What'sThePointOfMakingYourOwnFanGroupAnyway by endlerWhat You Want Stamp by justdacatI'm Insane Forgot My Pills Watch outLOLOLOOLOLOLOL by endlerFrisk And Asriel Stamp (Undertale Game) by PastelaineIvy Stamp by AlectorFencerDon't get attached by AdrianaFilipStamp: Omega Flowey by rocioam7Crazy Cool Smile Stamp by Chrno-chanAsgore Stamp by Mintaka-TK72 by Sammi-Stamps135 by Sammi-StampsAgainst Shipping Real People by ZexyZakura845612 by kitsunekinToriel x Asgore Stamp by xioccolateStamp - I love pastel space by faithful24+Marineangemon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon119 by Sammi-StampsHomura by DametoraRP cute stamp by himawari-tanTerriermon and Lopmon by Re-thoIs MAYONNAISE a gender??? by NummyPixelsKudamon by MarlenesstampsUF - Frisk And Flowey Stamp by whitenoizeTales of Xillia - Elize and Teepo by Lordy-OhStamp: OC does not always mean Mary-Sue by CatthyloveMad dummy stamp by LunaMatsuEspeon smile stamp by IttichyPokemon stamp by LoaymAnthro is not bestiality by KooboriSapphireMale Togekiss. by Monster-Boaromega flowey by monittonpaw stamp 2 by aestheticstampsI Love Ice Cream Sandwich Stamp by sosogirl123:: Love for every OC :: by LuaSentinelI love Cookies STAMP by CassyDiinloveI Love Cute Things by AlbinoSeaTurtleStamp: I love Donuts by apparate.:Male!Yandere's are just as good:. STAMP-UPDATED- by Yunamai love eyes stamp by softpuppieEspurr Stamp by Anto-202Hello, I'm Overrated -SHINY- by GalahawkIntrovert [Stamp] by sleepy-soundsIt's Not Just Installed Into Kids by endlerFuckin' hands. by TheArtOfNotLikingYouCharacter Headcanon #13 - Satori Komeiji by Emilyfly99Antylamon by Re-thoPanne Stamp by AdraowenViximon Stamp by Thunderbirmon70 by Sammi-Stamps
I am a Ninetales!

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Which Madoka Magical Girl Are You?
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What Element Fits You Best?
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For those who didn't get my last journal, I have moved to :iconfinaldecretum:.
Follow me at :iconfinaldecretum:
I'll be reuploading some of my better work there and leave some of my bad old work behind here. See you guys soon.
Laughter is Best Medicine by Stantler5
Laughter is Best Medicine
Just a Touhou OC.

Name: Amie Von Louis III

Gender: It's a guy.

Age: Due to his greed and fear from aging, he has used magic and potions to make himself live longer. About 100.

Species: Human on the brink of becoming a Youkai. (Likely to become one in the future due to all the spells alongside potions that he has cast on himself.)

Ability: Absorbing health.

Strength Level: Stage 4 Boss

Personality: He has a rather calm disposition and he tends to be rather serious about his work in general. However, outside of work, especially in battle, he has an extremely dark sense of humor and often says cheerfully on how fun it is to see you squirm from needles. Afterwards beating his opponent, he gives them a check up- no matter if they like it or not. He is rather blunt and is quite straightforward with others. Instead of saying good bye, like most others would say when leaving, he says- Toodles!~- in a high pitched tone, causing most to be disgruntled. He talks in a whismical tone, often humming and occasionally singing, both in battle and in his check ups. He is never nervous and usually calm yet straightforward.
.....Just don't take his mask away. Rather selfish and hides his true feelings under that mask of his.

Backstory: Coming up soon.

Amie Von Louis belongs to me.
Touhou Project belongs to ZUN.

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